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We are the


A non-profit society in the Province of British Columbia.


The Motor Group was established in 2012, and incorporated in February of 2013. There are two divisions under one umbrella within the Thunder Kings Motor Group Association: a motorcycle division, and an auto division and together we work as one unified organization.

We are a family-orientated group where most, if not all, of our members have either children or grandchildren, and even some of them are members within the group. Family is always #1!

Our organization is built on the platform of raising funds for Charities; and we try to attend as many of these events as we can. Generally, the charities we’ve chosen, both in the past and in the future, are ones affecting those within the group.

Our passion is to get out and ride or drive or take in Show & Shines. If it has wheels and an engine, We’re in!!!

Our Motor Group is open to any make or Model of motorcycles or automobiles. No discrimination.

As our members live all over the Fraser Valley and G.V.R.D., from Hope to Vancouver, we are out in our communities building relationships with various organizations and businesses and helping them out where we can.

We are also on Facebook and Twitter. Check us out!


3 Responses to Main Title Page

  1. Ken Restiaux says:

    I am very interested in your group and what you stand for! Your charitable work is a strong draw for me that I respect!

  2. tkmgainfo says:

    We have members from all over the lower mainland but our group is based in Langley.

  3. Gary Kinsley says:

    I’d like to consider joining too. I was going to join the CAV but they want to see your service record but the one you get from Archives doesn’t have all they want.

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